The Alexander Technique with Rachel Kevern • Worcester, Worcestershire UK
The Alexander Technique with Rachel Kevern • Worcester, Worcestershire UK 

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If you are interested in learning more about the Alexander Technique, please check out the following links:  

My Facebook page

Alexander Technique International (ATI)

Alexander Technique International (ATI) is a world-wide professional organisation created to promote and advance the work begun by F. M. Alexander. I am a fully insured teaching member of ATI.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

This website is a very comprehensive resource for information about the Alexander Technique worldwide.

Scientific Research

There has been much research done on how the Alexander Technique can help with things such as balance, breathing, chronic pain and backache. For more information, see my Research page.


Mouritz is a specialist publisher on the Alexander Technique. They publish and sell a large number of books on the subject.

"I regard it as one of the fortunate experiences of my life that I should have met F. Matthias Alexander at a time when I had been suffering physically for many years. There can be no doubt as to the value of his technique judged by the practical results which I myself have experienced. Instead of feeling one's body an aggregation of ill-fitting parts, full of frictions and deadweights pulling this way and that so as to render mere existence in itself exhausting, the body becomes a coordinated and living whole, composed of well-fitting and truly articulated parts. It is the difference between chaos and order and so between illness and good health."


Sir Stafford Cripps, British Chancellor of the Exchequer 1947-50

Contact me

If you would like more information or would like to book a lesson, call me on 01905 864354 or send me a message.


I teach at 3 Seymour Avenue, Worcester, WR3 7LT.


My teaching days are:

Mondays 2pm - 5.45pm

Tuesdays 9am - 5.45pm

Wednesdays 9am - 12.45pm


Please see this page for more details.

I am a fully qualified teaching member of  ATI (Alexander Technique International).

You can find me on Facebook. I'd love it if you'd drop by and 'like' my page!

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